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It Has Been My Honor

by Michael Pungercar

World War II - what many historians call the defining event of the 20th Century - the global war that resulted in the deaths of an estimated 60 million civilians and combatants around the world.
Between 1941 and 1945, over 16 million Americans served this country, over 408,000 lost their lives fighting the Axis Powers.
Five World War II veterans share their stories, including memories from Pearl Harbor, in the air over France and Germany, in the South Pacific and on Okinawa and Iwo Jima. These men also recall their Honor Flights and what it felt like to be thanked for serving their country, albeit 75 years later.
As part of the Greatest Generation, they lived a part of our country's history that must never be forgotten.
Pictured, top left, moving clockwise -
Ed Johann, Tex Tiffee
Andy Andrews,
Russ Russell & Ted Baker
Click on each name to learn more about these men and their time in the service.
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