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5 out of 5 stars
A wonderful follow-up to A Promise Kept

I just finished reading “It Has Been My Honor,” the wonderful follow-up to author Mike Pungercar’s “A Promise Kept.” The author’s extensive involvement with our WWII veterans in the Honor Flight program prompted his second book, and what a tribute it is! This author, a true warrior for our veterans, shares with us the honor that was his in listening to and recording the real-life experiences of five of those veterans. While it had to be excruciating to witness the painful recollections of these brave men, the author did an excellent job of doing just that. I was most appreciative of his wise decision to support each veteran’s story with research, explanation and circumstance relative to that experience. That decision was paramount to the reader’s comprehension because Pungercar transcribed the stories exactly as they were told! Mike’s appreciation of, and compassion for, these wartime survivors underscored every word in this book. I have nothing but complete admiration for all the author did to bring us into “It Has Been My Honor.”

Christine E. – Boise, ID

5 out of 5 stars
An Interesting and Compelling Book

Reading this book is like sitting down with 5 men who survived the horrors of war and listening to their story. Well written and easy to read. A tribute to all men and women who served in WWII or any combat.  A good read for anyone interested in World War II.  Mike’s research into the events these five veterans experienced takes the reader right into that situation the veterans were living some 75 years ago during this horrible world wide conflict.

E. Mount – Springfield, OR

5 out of 5 stars
I devoured this book

Mike Pungercar helps narrate the life stories of five WWII servicemen with accurate and poignant facts that cements the historical significance their shared remembrances. The recollections told in this book are balanced with careful research, not flowery embellishments. I truly discovered each person behind their first-hand accounts, due to Pungercar's background additions. A wonderful meld of the five men who each paid an incredible service to our country. A must read for any WWII history buff.

Peter R. – Albany, OR

5 out of 5 stars
Mike Crushes It Again

Just finished reading Mike Pungercar’s second book “It Has Been My Honor”. To him I say, “You crushed it!” That last story about Ted Baker. Couldn’t put it down. What a movie that story would make. What an honor for Mike to have known this man and all the others. All the stories were inspiring but like a great writer, Mike saved the best for last. This author has done so much for our veterans. Through his books, founding an Honor Flight program, involvement with military groups and talks and speeches for fund raising, Mike has done it all. Again, great read with a personal and historical perspective.

John O. – Mt. Horeb, WI

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