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The Promise Kept

by Michael Pungercar

The Promise Kept is about the Eighth Air Force and its role in the Air War over Europe during World War II, his father who was a radio operator on a B-17 and seven other veterans who served on B-17 Flying Fortresses.
The U. S. Eighth Air Force lost more men during the hostilities over Fortress Europe than the U.S. Marines lost during their battles against the Japanese forces in the Pacific.  The Promise Kept takes you from the preflight check and takeoff, through the air combat against the Luftwaffe and flak filled skies, and to the struggle to return to the bases in England.
An Eighth Air Force veteran from Florida who served with the same unit that Mike’s father was in, the 323rd Squadron of the 91st Bomb Group, stated that The Promise Kept is the most accurate book he had read in describing what the men who saw combat in a B-17 had gone through.
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